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Optical Eyeglasses 30x zoom


You don`t need to worry whether or not your glasses fit to your face correctly. While the idea of a virtual fitting isn't altogether novel. Optical Eyeglasses 30x zoom with flashlight are normally used for you to see better in any case. It's superb technology that really works and could save a lot of people a lot of embarrassment."They allow better capturing the information, when, for example, you are in the airport and have a trouble in reading your flight time. Eyeglasses app may be used for viewing specific visual information such as newspaper or letters. This app gives you the Best opportunity to see everything as much as you want without actually trying on glasses as for the most part, trying on glasses is still a real-life anxiety.• Photo Camera• Front and rear camera• Zoom scroll• Flashlight• Manual focus and continuous autofocus• White balance selector